I like bleeding gums and noses. I like rubbing my fingers over other peoples teeth. I like cracked lips and pinching the back of necks. I like scratching backs and scalps. I like biting fingers and chewing hair. I like lanky boys with spidery hands. I like removing clumps of mascara. I like chewing ice and paper. I like blunt hair cuts. I like troubled souls. I like wonky smiles and suffocating hugs. I like horse noses and eyelashes. I like chilly days with sunshine. I like the noise of waves crashing. I like the feeling of holding birds, whether dead or alive. I like taxidermy. I like cold ears and noses. I like picking out splinters. I like extracting noses. I like sliding my hand under ribs. I like siting on bottoms. I like people sitting on me. I like cracking fingers and backs. I like laying on drivers laps. I like burnt bacon and strawberries. I like boys with 3 letter names. I like Lolita and Lana Del Rey. I like Salmon and Avocado. I like people that read. I like boys who wear make up and I like boys who don’t.